About me.

I started my career in 2010. Before Computer Graphics I had the opportunity to work with with all kinds of activities out the artistic world. Such experiences gave me inspiration and the certainty of what I really love to do.

I have already had the opportunity to work with computer graphics for many kind of media and communication. I´ve been always looking for improving my artistic skills and the quality of my work by adding news tools, methodologies and updating with what is new on the market.

Besides Computer Graphics, I've been always studying photography, drawing, entrepreneurship, time management, productivity and personal marketing. I believe that with such abilities, I can be more versatile, generous, respectful and well prepared for new challenges.

Currently, I work with generalist 3D for advertisement and I´m looking for new opportunities to improve and expand my work; or with as a freelancer.

My specialties:

- Modeling (organic and inorganic)
- Texturing
- Lighting
- Render
- Look Development

Thank you for stopping by!

Best Regards,

Moises Gomes


São Paulo, Brazil

+55+11 - 98788-1353

My Resume and Social Medias:

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